PDF Lite Viewer

I have decided to release the PDF Lite Viewer app that I built initially for my own personal use, but others may find it useful.

Its a keyboard driven PDF viewer that allows me to read PDF Books on my GPD Pocket 2 computer, rotated, like a book, and using the arrow keys to page through it.

Trying to emulate the traditional eBook experience, but as none of the eReaders seem to have decent PDF support, I thought I would see if this works. Check out the video below, and you can download it from its own page.

It can be downloaded here.

How it was built

This application is actually built using the Windows Presentation Framework for the main application in C#, however, it actually uses the Windows 10 API’s to work with the PDF files as it has suitable methods built in. It reads the PDF, and renders each page to a bitmap and is then displayed on screen.

Standard Keyboard events are used to trap the keys.

The main window itself is simply a canvas to which the bitmap versions of the PDF files are displayed.

Its a fairly simply application, but I am pleased with the result.

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